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We take the time necessary to look at your website and current marketing, and make our suggestions based on your individual online presence.


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We genuinely want to give you an analysis that will help your business, regardless of who you choose to manage your marketing.

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Analysis Plan

It’s impossible to build a marketing plan without first determining where you’re at, what you have to offer, and where your business is headed.

This is why the first and most important step of a profitable marketing plan is to do an analysis of your business, followed by a game plan.

Basic Analysis

  • Personal review of your analysis questions
  • Review of your website
  • Review of your local search ranking
  • Review of your Paid Traffic strategy
  • 20-30 minute video prepared for you, then sent to your inbox reviewing your marketing plan
  • Our top 10 suggestions for your marketing

Standard Analysis

Most Popular
  • Review of your analysis submission
  • Review of your website
  • Review of your local search ranking
  • Review of your Paid Traffic Strategy
  • 60 Minute private phone consultation to review your plan and answer any questions you may have
  • 60 day marketing plan
  • 100% of your analysis fee will go towards purchase of any services

Once you’ve selected your marketing analysis you will be given a list of questions to answer.

This will allow us to prepare your analysis.

Why does American Media Studios charge for a marketing analysis?

After years of providing marketing consultations and services, we’ve realized the only way to provide an unbiased opinion and strategy is to treat it like a product.

When companies do not charge for their expertise they are typically forced to do the following:

  • Approach the meeting with an agenda of “selling” rather than consulting.
  • Create a high-pressure sales meeting which is more focused on selling services, than on advising and consulting.
  • Provide a very basic analysis, since free meetings do not allow room for depth.
  • Withhold any information that could help the client, but is not related towards making a sale.

This is why we’ve moved our marketing analysis model from FREE to PAID. We are now able to do the following:

  • Provide an honest marketing analysis.
  • Provide an in depth presentation.
  • Freely give our advice & expertise

The above points are possible because of our Paid Consultation Model.

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